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New Construction Inspections

Prevent Costly Repairs

Get Excellent Construction Inspection Services in Alvarado, TX

With so many years of experience in the field, we’ve been able to see that no home is perfect, even those that are recently built. Some human errors can happen and affect the quality of your property. Therefore, it’s important to perform a construction inspection of your house. By doing so, you can identify any potential problems that could cause you to spend large amounts of money on repairs in the future. At Onward Home Inspection, we proudly assist customers in Alvarado, TX, with dependable house inspections.

Why is a Professional Home Inspection Important?

New home inspections will give you peace of mind by identifying potential deficiencies in the structure of your upcoming investment. We can determine whether or not the home is in good enough condition for you to move in when we schedule the appointment around the time of the builder’s final walkthrough. Even if repairs are required, the builders will still have time to make corrections.

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Work With a Certified Home Inspector!

Request a New Construction Inspection

When you request a final inspection, our main goal is to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve by knowing your property is structurally sound. To that end, we perform both a structural and framing inspection. Both construction parts play an essential role in keeping your home standing and strong. If you have any questions regarding our construction inspection services in Alvardo, TX, contact us today and learn how we can help you.

Our Full Range of Services

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Home Inspection For Buyers

Make an informed decision with the help of our qualified team of inspectors!

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New Construction Inspections

Make sure you identify any potential flaws in the construction of your house.

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Pre-Listing Inspections

Identify potential issues that may affect the process of selling your home.

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11 Month Warranty Inspection

Discover any issues that might fall under the warranty agreement.